October 19, 2010

CloudCamp Toronto

Dear diary,

today I subscribed to the Toronto's CloudCamp! Acording to the official website, it is an unconference where "early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas". Sounds pretty cool, I'm in! :)

There is no agenda for the event! OK, there's an opening session, but after that, all sorts of topics are discussed in an open format, without scripts or preparation, and attendees are free to walk by and find something they consider useful.

I've been diving into cloud computing lately, playing around with Amazon EC2 instances and mobile platforms, using DB2 in the cloud as a persistence layer. This might be a good learning opportunity! The CloudCamp will take place next Tuesday, so be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay tuned!

October 5, 2010

Hello World!

My dear diary. :)

I'm Henrique, a Brazilian student passioned about technology, innovation and music. I'm currently away from my São Paulo, Brazil, my hometown, where I was attending to my last college year on Computer Engineering at Escola Politénica from the University of São Paulo, due to an internship position on Cloud Computing and cool technologies at IBM Canada.

This is a new space I created myself to write about cool stuff. I believe that sharing my ideas here is a great way to learn about new things, both for my readers and for me, as long I'm always willing to hear feedback and new ideas from people with the same interests I have.

I plan to write about cool programming languages, as Ruby and Python, playing around with Web APIs, such as the Twitter (with which one I've played before), mobile platforms development, databases, as MySQL and DB2 Express-C, cloud computing and even entrepreneurship and the startup world.

Feel free to follow my Twitter profile and to sign my RSS feed to stay updated!